About Atoms for Humanity
In order to power a better future, we need a clean and reliable source of energy, just like nuclear. However, modern nuclear technology is much more than green electricity. It is a versatile tool needed to solve the most urgent challenges of today and tomorrow. An end to poverty and hunger, rise of vibrant economies, and sustainable environment – this is better living through nuclear. Unfortunately, many people around the world see nuclear as yet another source of electricity. They never realize that it is indispensable to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which is the global blueprint for building a sustainable future. Emboldened by the desire to rectify this injustice Rosatom launches Atoms for Humanity, a unique nuclear awareness initiative.
The Atoms for Humanity is a one-of-a-kind collection of stories capturing ordinary people from all over the world sharing how nuclear transforms their lives and helps fulfil dreams, both big and small. We believe that it is high time to put a human being at the center of nuclear success story. Our hope is to create an exclusive chronicle of adventures gathered from all corners of the planet.
We want you to tell the world how atom helped in fulfilling your dreams, creating new opportunities, sustaining your community or fighting a global cause. If you have a story to tell, we encourage you to share it. This project will remain unfinished without your own nuclear story.
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Who we are
Rosatom is a global technological leader, with capacities in the nuclear sector and beyond, and business partners in 50 countries. As one of the pioneers of the nuclear industry, Rosatom has traditionally been at the forefront of the international nuclear market, including nuclear power plant construction, uranium mining and enrichment, and nuclear fuel fabrication and supply.

Today, thanks to the unique expertise accumulated over 75 years, the company is conquering the markets of new promising high-tech products. Hydrogen energy, energy storage, nuclear medicine, wind energy, composite materials, logistics business, environmental solutions - in total, more than a hundred new businesses, which will guarantee Rosatom a place among the tech giants of the future.