Bálint from Hungary
The story of a photographer about the beauty and diversity of wildlife surrounding the Paks NPP

Bálint Vince works at the Paks NPP Information Center as a typographer. He is also a professional wildlife photographer, mostly taking pictures of flora and fauna surrounding nuclear power plants to show how reach and pristine the nature is near an industrial site. Bálint believes nuclear power plants provide excellent habitat for all species of plants and animals to thrive, because nuclear energy has such a small impact on its surroundings.

Not everyone knows that nature surrounding nuclear power plants is beautiful and rich. However, many people see a nuclear power plant as incomprehensible, even a bit mystical. They have a very poor understanding about the actual state of the wildlife and flora surrounding the plant. Through my photographs, I want to show people how lush and pristine the wildlife and nature really is here. Don’t take my word for it. This has been confirmed by numerous experts and environmentalists.

That is why from the very beginning I have always prioritized studying nature and wildlife in-depth, to be sure that my photographs depict the truth. When I go out into nature, I try to be careful and treat it with respect, because it is very easy to disturb a plant or an animal, disrupt their life cycle, in which case the photographing becomes a damaging activity.

I think, it's important for any creative person to display his or her work. So, whenever I finish a photo project, I always show my work to other people. I am very lucky – I have the opportunity to speak at the Museum of Nuclear Energy at Paks NPP and at numerous forums. I had exhibitions at the IAEA, in Sosnovy Bor near St. Petersburg, which hosts Russia’s largest Leningrad NPP. My photographs taken around the Bilibino nuclear power plant are exhibited in Bilibino in Russia. These photographs have been exhibited in many cities of several continents and were awarded prizes at international competitions.

But the first people to see my new photographs are those who works whom I always show new photographs are the workers of the Paks NPP. This is natural, they are the ones who most of all help me in this work. For example, photo fixtures are made. In the carpentry workshop at the station, a wooden stand was prepared for photographing beavers against the background of the nuclear power plant.

The biggest success is seeing how happy people are when they look at my photos. And if they think about something, then I was able to arouse their interest in nature. Through my work, I try to instill love and respect for nature and its inhabitants. After all, photographs of unique landscapes, flora and fauna show not only beauty, but also the fragility, vulnerability of the nature around us. Therefore, I would like people to think in this direction responsibly, so that all these riches remain available to future generations, not only in photographs, but also in real life. Also, every summer I organize international wildlife photography camps for children in Hungary. I hope that the joint work will help them to truly appreciate nature.

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